The Twenty-Three by Linwood Barclay

Just when I thought Promise falls was completely immersed in tragedy it gets worse. The death toll explodes as a sudden outbreak hits promise falls. No one knows how it happened or who has fallen victim. The local hospital falls into mayhem as everyone wants help and doctors don’t know the problem. It is heart-warming […]

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Far From True by Linwood Barclay

The second installment of the Promise Falls trilogy was amazing. This book had the most unexpected occurrences so far. Nothing can be taken at face value because the facts completely change halfway through and you learn harmful details about certain character’s sex lives. This novel is written in the same multiple points of view style […]

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Broken Promise by Linwood Barclay

Broken Promise by Linwood Barclay has a lot of mystery, a fifty-fifty blend of suspense and thrill with a tiny bit of romance. It is book one of the Promise Falls series. It leaves off with more unanswered question than solutions making the next book Far From True very tantalizing. This book is written in […]

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