The Dry by Jane Harper

A murder-suicide happens in a small town just two decades after another notorious murder in the community. Luke provides Aaron with an alibi, at great cost to his community standing, leaving Aaron indebted forever but after Luke apparently has shot his wife Aaron starts to wonder if the fabricated alibi was an act of altruism or an act […]

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A Faint Cold Fear by Karin Slaughter

A knife attack occurs at the scene of one of a cluster of apparent suicides which leads police to believe the exploding campus mortality rate cannot be by chance. Something systematic is going on and despite their strained marriage the medical examiner, Sara, and the Cheif of Police, Jeffry, must work together to solve the case […]

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Dont Let Go by Harlan Coben

Nap Dumas spends his life searching. He is a cop because on the same night his beloved girlfriend goes missing, and his brother dies under suspicious circumstances. What if fifteen years later the answers are still waiting out there and the person or persons involved are still in town? Nap doesn’t want to wonder every […]

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The Whistler by John Grisham

The rich are getting richer and anyone who stands in their way ends up dead. The bad guys live beyond the reach of the law because even the local judge is on the payroll. The only people bold enough to blow the whistle on the corrupt operation are risking their lives chasing the almighty dollar, […]

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In The Woods by Tana French

A murder detective, Rob, is summoned back to his hometown, the site of his own childhood nightmare, now wet with blood again. Wondering if the two cases are linked he tries to chip away at the impermeable wall holding in hellish memories. I usually do not review books that I do not love because I […]

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Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben

Imagine being on the brink of sanity, not being certain of what is real and what is a horrifyingly vivid dream. This is the situation retired military veteran and single parent, Maya, finds herself in after the untimely death of her sister and husband. The doctors doubt her sanity. The police doubt her story, and […]

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Tick Tock By Dean Koontz

Tommy Phan faces the predicament of never being able to be the person he wants to be while still being the kind of man his family respects. When all the logic and reason he thought the world operated on proves faulty he must run for his life. When Tommy may only have a few terrifying […]

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Fear Nothing by Lisa Gardner

What if you were born broken? A propensity for evil followed you. What if when your mind wondered it floated to carving up another’s skin. Imagine if pain were a word you knew only by definition, never through experience. This book follows two sisters, one genetically incapable of sensing physical pain. The other experiencing affect […]

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