The Whistler by John Grisham

The rich are getting richer and anyone who stands in their way ends up dead. The bad guys live beyond the reach of the law because even the local judge is on the payroll. The only people bold enough to blow the whistle on the corrupt operation are risking their lives chasing the almighty dollar, hoping for a reward for the good deed.

Grisham tends to be more on the drama and suspense side of the spectrum but this book had some action. All of it was front loaded then the end wrapped up abruptly. It feels like, in high school, when we had an hour to take the test then the teacher says 10 minutes left when we were only half done with the test and we started slapping stuff down just to finish.

There were just so many hints about things that could happen but didn’t happen. I had a list of people who I was certain were going to someway be involved in the crime syndicate. None of them were. I think it was a missed opportunity. The book didn’t end satisfyingly. There was not even the slightest shock or reveal to the end. It wrapped up with a bland narration of the criminal’s sentences.

The dialogue is wordy but the main characters are in the legal profession so I feel as though that is a characterization choice. They use jargon freely and perhaps have a better vocabulary than the average person. The less educated jailhouse snitches and parolees had the less complex dialogue with filler worlds that was fitting to their education and position in life.

This book paints a cautionary tale about the corrupting power that money has on people. It inst just embezzlement and tax fraud but people will devolve to murder to turn a profit. Cynically, this book shows that they only people who want to dismantle the crime syndicate are doing so to get a piece of the pie. Our main character Lindsey stands out as the only character content with covering her necessities and not anymore. I like the theme of money being a catalyst for evil doing. It is not an innovative or groundbreaking stance but it is classic.

The storyline may be very creative but business, casino regulation, and Native American affairs are not strong points of interest and research for me so some of the appreciation is probably lost on me.

Overall nothing about this group wowed me. It was good. I enjoyed it. I don’t worship it. This was a solid 6/10.

I listened to this particular book on Audible and the narrator sounded like a phone sex operator. That’s nothing against the writing. I just thought I would share the experience.

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