A Tap on the Window by Linwood Barclay.

This is the story of a missing teenage girl and story behind her vanishing act and the grieving man who was the last person to see her alive must find answers. This book has a terrifying plot that is only far fetching in the sense that a sleepy little town could have multiple killers all giving into there murderous urges so close in succession. As usual, the story is too baffling for the reader to decode before the final chapters, keeping the suspense alive and the reader unsettled until the very end.

This story has a theme of regret. Many of the characters attribute their current position in life to a mistake that they cannot repent from. There is also an element of unfairness in the book. Some characters get more than their fair share of victimization and punishment while others seem to get off easy for wrong-doings and hypocrisies.

As usual for Linwood Barclay he adds in a little bit of cultural commentary to his books. The recent awareness of police brutality and abuse of authority clearly inspired parts of this story.

I wish the notebook on which the whole mystery was hinged was more meaningful to the story. I thought the contents were going to be influential to the story but its more that there is a tangible artifact to base a young couple’s story on rather than what the artifact is.

In typical fashion of Linwood Barclay this book ends with characters heading out on a new adventure but does not hint at the happiness or misfortune they may find, leaving the fate of the characters open to the reader’s imagination. Our main character, Cal Weaver, returns in Far From True or the Promise Falls Trilogy.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I would rate this a solid nine out of ten because the plot was engrossing. All the hints were there but the breadcrumbs were so small that they don’t seem significant until the very end.

Solid 4 out of 5 book.


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