Far From True by Linwood Barclay

win_20170110_14_57_17_proThe second installment of the Promise Falls trilogy was amazing. This book had the most unexpected occurrences so far. Nothing can be taken at face value because the facts completely change halfway through and you learn harmful details about certain character’s sex lives.

This novel is written in the same multiple points of view style that I described in my review of Broken Promise. Cal Weaver is the main character relaying information in first person. He was also in A Tap on the Window which is not a promise falls novel but a companion novel to series. (Not necessary to read to understand the trilogy but is a fantastic work on its own.)

The first book focused a lot on the Harwood extended family. In this work, a lot more information is divulged about the personal lives of other main characters such as the disgraced ex-mayor and Detective Duckworth.

The trilogy has a theme of grief. Many of the characters, from diverse walks of life,  are in the grieving process and handling it in a variety of way both healthy and unhealthy. Cal fit the profile of grieving so his addition to the series makes perfect sense.

This book has a diverse cast of characters. After a suspected terrorist attack the middle eastern immigrant’s business is the target of a molotov cocktail. I love the cultural commentary about stereotyping and intolerance. The lesson of acceptance is particularly important with American politics facing such an uncertain future.This message is furthered by the introduction of a young autistic character who is adored by some and censured by others.

Again the author uses some gender stereotypes that I do not like. There were damsels in distress instances. Female characters who are in danger and have male characters to save them. I want to read about a woman who is capable of saving herself. Not every woman in a text necessarily should do something brave and hero but none of them are being strong warriors while the men are.

I liked this book equal to the first one. Another 8/10 book. I highly recommend this one.

**Note this book has more sexual content than most in the mystery genre.

Promise Falls Trilogy: Broken Promise, Far From True, The Twenty-Three. (A Tap on the Window as a companion novel)

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